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Sustainable development

For 'sustainable development' at the Peiffeschof

For 'sustainable development' at the Peiffeschof

Whether it's about global warming, tackling inequality, economic growth... The modern man has an answer to everything:

"Hey, let's do sustainable development.” Behind this magical notion for communication gurus, there is a real challenge for our future, which we must appreciate for its true value."

"Sustainable development is the organizing principle for sustaining finite resources necessary to provide for the needs of future generations of life on the planet." "Sustainable development aims to promote harmony between human beings and between man and nature. "

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Sustainable development - First results!

Following our investment in late 2008 aiming for the decrease of our energy needs and the increase of our green energy production, our company was able to save over 500 Tonnes of CO2 by late 2014! In order to be straightforward, here are the achievements and actions we have implemented these last months:

• The 'precautionary principle' in order to comply with FASFC standards (having obtained the "Smiley" certificate in 11/2012), our purchasing policy is focused on fresh, local ingredients, European wines, local beers

• Social responsibility (gender and racial equality, equal opportunity, fairness, dignity, human rights and promoting training through work)

• Taking the environment into account when making decisions (protection of the fauna, flora, CO² emissions, energy consumption)

• We produce green electricity since the end of 2008, the equivalent of 9,680 W per year thanks to the installation of approximately 80 m² of photovoltaic polycrystalline panels positioned on the roof.

• Investment in 2009 and 2012 in the installation of lighting LEDs for outdoor parking, in the lobby of the hotel and in the rooms, allowing for total energy savings of around 70%.

• Our waste management is efficient and respects the environment. Sorting is organised (glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, oil) and our composting area has been in operation since early 2009.

• The use of biodegradable soaps in suitable quantities.

• We focus on planting native tree species (Hornbeam, Beech) and our garden provides us with fresh herbs for the kitchen, just like our raspberries and quinces